Full Spectrum vs Isolate

Tensions run high online when you ask about isolate. “Isolate is junk” is bound to be among the first
comments. “Unless you have Full Spectrum CBD, you are wasting your money” will be eloquently
spewed in so many mindful ways. There is a battle right now. It is within the CBD-loving community. And it is baffling. Here is where we stand on the subject:

Full Spectrum is great. The ideal Full Spectrum CBD oil is made with all parts of the hemp plant. Full Spectrum means the stem, seeds, stalk, and flower are distilled and filtered into MCT (coconut oil), and your product is complete. It tastes like cannabis, at varying strengths, and really offers all the opportunities to absorb the complete benefits of the plant. There are lots of people who swear that there are no benefits to CBD unless it is Full Spectrum. CBD does work best when it is accompanied by all the other (beautiful and delicious) cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to create the most benefits. This is the whole plant extract of hemp.

But not everyone can have all the parts of the plant. Should they not experience CBD? The main concern we hear from clients is that they will fail a drug test. This is a real concern and I am really, truly happy that I can offer an alternative to my clients.

CBD isolate is the (great) alternative! CBD isolate is created when cannabidiol (CBD) is separated from the other cannabinoids and isolated into pure CBD crystalline powder. Our vape pens contain CBD isolate and the verdict is in. Isolate has benefits. Just like eating a ton of carrots is better than taking a vitamin B tablet, vitamin B supplement still has its benefits. Isolate may not address systemic issues to the extent that a full spectrum extract tackles them, but the short-term benefit is positive and can last for days. The results are just a little different, but wouldn’t it be nice to fall asleep when you want to without tossing and turning? Ladies…what would you do to reduce menstrual cramps within minutes without having to take pills? Fellas (and ladies), how about reducing anxiety without having to worry about passing that random drug test at your (awesome) job? Isolate takes the worry out of experiencing CBD.

I don’t like using absolutes because there is always an exception to every rule. The chances of popping positive for THC when using a full spectrum product is incredibly low, but there is still a chance. Of course, the whole plant product is best, but some people cannot take that risk. Here at InCannabliss, we think CBD isolate is a great option for individuals to experience the benefits of legal cannabis. We offer 3rd party test results on all our products to show potency and purity. All products containing THC that are sold by InCannabliss are within federal guidelines below .3%. We recommend consulting with your human resources department if you are concerned about testing positive for THC while using a CBD product, whether it is Full Spectrum or CBD isolate.

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