How do I use CBD products?

CBD is versatile in its applications because it interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is connected to our nervous system and is responsible for maintaining the balance throughout our body. Everyone makes endocannabinoids, but as you see with many other chemicals, some people are deficient in their production. If you suspect that your ECS needs an assist, these are some of the most commonly used methods of application.

Inhalation– (This method is mainly recommended for adults who have experience smoking or vaping.) Vaping is the quickest way to get results, though it is not as long lasting. Anxiety reducing effects can be felt within seconds and spasm reduction within minutes. It has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for some people with lung diseases, while also being somewhat irritating to some experienced smokers. It is different for each individual. We do encourage that adults try it for themselves because the results can be remarkable. Bypassing the intestines and liver, this is the most efficient way to get the CBD into your system. Our testers have even recommended it as an alternative to antismoking medications because it reduces cravings while providing other benefits, and no negative side effects.

Topical– Great for local pain and skin care, this delivery method is low risk and high reward. With the correct combination of CBD and carrier oils, your pain can be gone for hours or even days without having to smell like a foot cream. Cannabliss is in the process of making our own proprietary blend to bring you the best and most affordable CBD pain relief on the market. In the meantime, we are happy to assist you in finding the best CBD cream for your needs.

Ingestion– For children and some beginners, the best way to get CBD into the system is just ingesting a capsule, beverage, or edible. Like taking a vitamin, the cannabidiol passes through the digestive system and metabolizes in the liver offering a delayed but gradual and long-lasting sense of wellbeing. They are conveniently premeasured doses and are easy to travel with which makes them very appealing to some CBD users.

Sublingual– Most research supports that the best way to take CBD is dropping the oil under the tongue, holding it for 60-90 seconds while it spreads over and is absorbed by your mucus membranes directly into the bloodstream. After this time, swallowing the remainder of the oil will allow for gradual absorption through the digestive system. If your desired result is improved mood, muscle relaxation, or minor inflammation, effects can be felt as quickly as 20 minutes. For serious and chronic inflammation, we recommend consistent dosing for at least 30 days before expecting any noticeable results. Long term inflammation does not happen overnight, and it probably will not go away overnight. We know this because we live it. Just be patient.

Dropper over essential oil bottle

There is a lot of illness and pain out there that can be treated with CBD. We find that most of our patrons who are disabled due to auto immune diseases can take days or weeks to see chronic inflammation reduce. This is no reason to be discouraged. Increasing your dose gradually is the best way to find your “sweet spot” and consulting with an InCannabliss Cannasseur throughout the process is recommended to get the best result as soon as possible.

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