CBD Gummies – 10 count

Flavors: Misc. Fruit Flavors
Weight: 0.24
Size: 10 Pieces per container
Serving Size: 2 pieces per day
Strength: 10 gummies @ 10mg per piece = 100 mg of CBD per container
*Photo shown is 30 count pack




MADE IN USA: A colorful and tasty way to get your CBD on! Each piece of fruit flavor ADULT Gummie Candy is infused with 10mg of CBD. That means this container of 10 Gummie pieces offers you a total of 100mg of infused CBD! As a dietary supplement, it’s a delightful way to consume terpene rich, high quality CBD Hemp Oil. Although these look and taste like candy, each piece is infused with the highest quality, full spectrum Cannabidiol Hemp Oil available. Another advantage of CBD in this form is that each piece is a measured dose and is easy to eat. Nothing else is required, just pop a Gummie in your mouth and chew it up. You’ll definitely remember to take your CBD supplement because it tastes so good! Go ahead and treat yourself with health. *Photo shown is 30 count pack


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